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It’s just good yoga. Nothing fancy. No bells, no whistles. It’s in downtown New Bedford and it’s for all.

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Good Yoga is a studio that is like your best friend; dependable, happily predictable, and can make a short visit sweet and potent.

This studio provides 4 set sequences to its schedule. A set sequence is a class where the list of poses are repeated on purpose. For Good Yoga it’s the purpose of growth, focus, repetition, and sustainability. The sequences are designed for all levels of practice. Our intention is to bring to you a kind of yoga experience that rises to the occasion to be foundational, fun, and considerate in 50 minutes. We know that is this is a good practice, one that is inspiring yet attainable. 



This class is designed to do the body good and get ya a little sweaty. You just might become stronger through your core and back, hopefully feel a bit more flexible too. You can bet its 50 minutes of fun!

This class is designed for inner focus, muscular stability, and it is measured by time, which can bring a calming effect. The sequence is aimed to be a perfect fit for folks with hand/wrist or shoulder injuries. But of course, it is a good fit for all.


Our team at Good Yoga have sequenced a class together. It’s key components are twists, joy, and balancing! The “house special” on our schedule will change twice a year. Also, look for the “house special” music themed classes!

A simple approach to both moving and meditating, all in a half hour. Gentle yet challenging, peaceful yet awakening.

This class is super interesting and in some ways challenging yet accessible to all bodies. Yin yoga is a fan-freakin-tastic way to “stretch” your bodies and soul. Great for athletes!





$50 per month


$100 for 10 classes


$12 for 50 min class

$10 for 30 min class

$15 for both